I love my school

I love my school

Name: Anna – Văn Thị Ngọc Anh

Class: S6a0031A – Super Youth Language School, Campus 24

Age: 9 years old

MomMang Thị Thu Cúc



Hello everyone!

My name is Anna. I am 9 years old and I live here in Ho Chi Minh City with my father, my mother and my aunt. The food I love most is beef noodle soup and my favorite drink is carrot juice. I want to be a policewoman one day because my father is a policeman. I love my daddy so much!




Today, I’m going to talk about Super Youth Language School. My Super Youth Language School is on Bau Cat Street, Tan Binh District. My school is pretty big, and there are about 900 students at this campus. It’s like my second home. I have been going to this school for about 2 years and nowI am in level 6. I usually sit between Danny and Catherine in class. They are my best friends.


My school has 3 floors but my favorite place is my classroom – Room 105, where I go to study English and play with my friends.


My teachers at Super Youth Language School are amazing. They are so smart and so friendly. Of course they are great at English but they are also talented at things like singing, dancing and making handicrafts, too. My favorite teacher is Ms. Yen Nhi, who takes care of me really well and helps me out with my homework.


I still remember the first day my parents dropped me off at Super Youth Language School. I was so shy and scared of everything. Noone knew me at all. Thanks to the ‘Super Star’ speaking contest, I was able to show off my own talent for singing and I won first prize! I was so happy and my family was, too. All the teachers at Super Youth Language School Campus 24 knew me after that and soon,everyone at Super Youth Language School Campus 24 knew my name.


After that, I began to study hard everyday to become a good student and an even better daughter.


Now I feel more confident and I think my English is pretty good, what do you think? In the Super Star Speaking Contest, I tried so hard to do wellto make my teachers and parents proud. I am grateful to all my teachers at Super Youth Language School Campus 24 for teaching me so much English. I am grateful to my mom for taking me to school, even on rainy days and for always preparing delicious meals and waiting home for me. I love Super Youth Language School with all my heart and I am proud to be a super youth. I am Super Youth! We are Super Youth!

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